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Challenge Quilt, 2022



Photo Finish

Take a picture of anything and use it as your inspiration to make a quilt!  A photograph, a magazine picture, a postcard or website will work.



It cannot be a picture of a quilt or quilt pattern. Look around you...there are quilt inspirations everywhere.  The beautiful stained-glass window at church, the cool mosaic tile floor in the bathroom of your favorite restaurant, a breathtaking sunset, that special someone in your life, a favorite painting in a museum, a lovely bouquet of's your choice.

  • Do not include a fabric copy of your picture on the quilt.  You are recreating you photo in the fabric, not making a photo quilt.

  • Use any quilting method you want...pieced or appliqué, machine quilted or had quilted.

  • Completed piece should be 24x30.  If that size does not work for your picture, you could add borders.

  • Quilt must be totally completed to be entered at our July meeting.

  • Photo or other picture used must accompany your finished quilt.

Have fun!




    The 2022 Winner Is Bonnie Marshall

     Great job, Bonnie!!

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