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Susan Wade was our guest speaker and excellent instructor for our class. Susan has taught throughout the Inland Empire as she has presented Clarabelle the Clownfish and Audrey the Audacious Fish as a fun way to play and explore our own creativity. Susan is an artist and inspirational speaker and in addition to teaching her fish collage class, She talked about some ways we can all stretch our minds to grow and create in new ways. This was a fun and freeing class.


Fabric CollageWall Hanging


material list

"Spotlight on Celia Westek's finish project"

Look up close and see how Celia works in a touch of Paris, the use of the bicycle wheels, postage stamps, butterflies, and roses from a printed fabric.


 A very creative way in  doing this project.  She evens uses the Eiffel Tower in the seaweed.


Great job Celia!

Everyone got so creative.  All the fish here have a personality of their own.  Can't wait to see them all finished.

Debbie Pekarcik

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